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Set Off Your Next Set & Represent 1ith These Incredible Black-Owned Sneaker Brands

The most well-known sportsmen, celebrities, and influencers don't own the brands they wear. Even if you search for them, Black-owned sneaker brands are difficult to locate.

Top shoe manufacturers that sell sneakers include Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Converse. Adidas, a non-Black firm, has a connection with Yeezy, Kanye West's popular streetwear line. Kanye West generates a lot of money from the brand, but it is not a stand-alone business owned by him.

Being a Black-owned business makes it much harder to enter into the shoe market. Big companies already have an advantage thanks to endorsements, sponsorships, and other arrangements. In the sports world, Enda and NinetyNine are much less well-known than Nike and Adidas. In the end, there is still more to be done to achieve true racial justice in the fashion sector. Having said that, the black-owned businesses that do exist are outstanding and deserving of greater attention.

1. NinetyNine

NinetyNine sneakers are designed for runners of all abilities and are based on the best techniques used by the world's top manufacturers of running shoes. These running shoes will enhance your workout game thanks to the breathable mesh and added achilles tendon and ankle support.

2. ML Neik’s Design Studio

The wonderful brands you may find on Etsy are one of its best features. One such company is ML Neik's Design Studio, a tiny Black-owned company that sells all the fashionable sportswear you could ever need. Do yourself a favor and visit this Etsy shop right away for everything from functional yet adorable sneakers to Instagram-worthy tights.


The first cutting-edge and ethical footwear company to emerge from South Africa is KEEXS. Anyone with unabashed style wishing to stand out in a crowd should shop at KEEXS, a brand that offers casual footwear with African influences in sizes that vary larger than your regular shoe brand.

4. Sole Rebels

Check out Sole Rebels if you're seeking for a Black-owned sneaker company that sells ethically produced footwear. These shoes combine the traditional recycled tire shoe (also known as a "barabasso") with the artistic skills of the Ethiopian population.

5. Nagast Footwear

Owner of Nagast Footwear and entrepreneur Tarik Edmonson saw a gap in the market for African-Egyptian footwear among other Black-owned companies. As a result, Edmonson made the decision to design his own line of footwear that both reflects and enhances his history.

6. Enda

The first running shoe produced in Kenya, Enda sneakers are built with pride. The company was founded in 2016 and makes the claims that their running shoes can improve your performance (as long as you exercise, of course!) and that they strive to run an environmentally friendly business. They also maintain a majority Black and Kenyan ownership structure.

7. Armando Cabral

The company's creator, Armando Cabral, aimed to establish a high-end shoe company that would honor individual flair with each custom pair it produced. Although Armando Cabral sells much more than simply sneakers, his high-tops are a must-have and a lavish dream.