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Make Your Mouth & Scale Happy with a Healthy Take on Your Favorite Foods

Latasha Lewis did not anticipate that food would play such an important role in her life when she founded her health and wellness company.

As the oldest of eleven children, the Florida native did it frequently.

“I'd always enjoyed cooking as a child, but I had no idea it would become a lifelong passion,” said Lewis, who learned to cook from her mother and grandmother.

"Every woman should be able to cook," she says.

Lewis' fascination became a goal after a friend noticed how well she cooked. Her food and videos quickly gained popularity. People were perplexed as to how she could cook so well while remaining slim.

"I enjoy eating.” The self-described foodie eats and cooks whatever she wants. Lewis' fitness journey, which included working out and supplementation, resulted in improved health and weight management.

“I wanted to feel better so that I could be there for my three children," Lewis elaborates. LCL Fitness, Lewis' startup, combines the two so that people can get healthy while eating their favorite foods. "Moderation is important to me. Find a happy medium."

Lewis released "Brunch-N-Fit" last year. It includes recipes as well as exercise suggestions for foodies. The cookbook, which is named after her favorite meal, contains recipes for fried chicken, breakfast burritos, and stuffed bell peppers.

“My favorite dish is my fried chicken. I whipped it up in the kitchen -- I can cook chicken better than my mother!" exclaimes Lewis, who also enjoys international cuisine. She adds spices and flour to keep her grandmother's fish croquette recipe from falling apart. “I'm very taste-conscious. Herbs, spices, and seasonings are used in my cooking.”

In addition to the suggestions and recipes in her book, Lewis sells a cleanse, slimming gel, and tea. Lewis claims that using the items while exercising aids her digestion. Natural nutrients such as magnesium and potassium assist the body in naturally breaking down and eliminating food. Her ab sweatband is worn by both men and women.

Lewis set out five years ago to better herself and others. The new author is driven to grow her brand and assist other entrepreneurs in doing the same. She recently launched the LCL Show on Facebook, which features live interviews, food demos, and other features.

She plans to hold neighborhood fitness events as part of her effort to "fight excuses."

"If you're too busy to exercise, adjust your thinking and keep going," Lewis says. “People who are sleeping can only have dreams."

For tips, follow Latasha Lewis on Instagram and tune in to the LCL Show on Facebook at 8 p.m. EST. Brunch-N-Fit information is available atwww.lclfit.com.