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Keep Your Food’s Flavors, Crush Your Fitness Goals with These Clean Food Swaps

Whether cleaning or eating, people often say that making better choices can give you a fresh start.

You may be questioning where to begin, though.

Some people may think that to get a "beach body" or jumpstart their fitness goals, they need to make big changes to their lives. But even small changes can have big effects that last longer than fads or trends, which can be reassuring.

It's not hard to eat well and try new, healthier foods. Kim Rose, a licensed dietician for Lose It!, offers some advice and recommendations on healthy foods to swap out and clean up your diet for good.

Snacks with savory dips are great. Even though salsa, melted cheese, and other sauces can be tasty, there is a healthy option that goes well with chips or veggies. Rose says that avocados have fats that are good for the heart. "Substitute avocados for calorie-rich dips."

"A spoonful will do" means a small amount of something like sour cream. However, Rose gives you a choice that goes on and on: Greek yogurt. With no fat, Greek yogurt can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or lunch. "Sour cream, heavy cream, and buttermilk shouldn't be used in marinades for poultry," she says.

Watch oils, also. Rose advises limiting saturated fats and using oils that are good for your heart, like coconut oil. She says that, in small amounts, it can make any food taste better and be good for you.

Lastly, a secret spice can make any dish taste better. Rose says that you can add flavor to desserts and garnishes by using cinnamon instead of sugar. Use cinnamon to sweeten tea, smoothies, or porridge instead of sugar. Spicy and warm, with a hint of sweetness.

No matter the season, now you can have full flavor, less fat, and no guilt.