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New Baby? No Problem: Apple Fitness+ Series Tackles Your Postpartum Workout Needs

A new fitness program called "Get Back to Fitness After Having a Baby" is now available on Apple Fitness+.

This program is made just for women who have just had a baby and want to get back into working out at this time in their lives.

Betina Gozo, a Fitness+ trainer who just had her first child, shows you how to do the exercises, which are a mix of core, strength, and Apple's Mindful Cooldown routines. There are many different kinds of exercise you can do, and you can change them to fit your fitness level before and during pregnancy and the way you gave birth.

The advice in this new post-pregnancy collection comes from the personal experiences of moms and the advice of an OB-GYN doctor. Some exercises focus on the pelvic floor, and there are also mindful activities that are all about stretching. These exercises help teach new parents how to be patient and take care of themselves, and they also help them strengthen their pelvic floors.

Because each of the seven sessions only lasts ten minutes, it is much easier for new mothers to fit them into their schedules and ease back into working out after giving birth. Before starting this program, Apple suggests that new mothers talk to their doctor or another health care provider. This is because it is very important to handle exercise after giving birth in a way that is both smart and safe.

Apple Fitness+ is a health and fitness service built around the Apple Watch and the app that goes with it. When you first get an Apple Watch, you can use it for free, but after the first week, you'll have to pay $9.99 per month for a subscription to keep using it. You can share this membership with up to five people in your immediate family.