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Toning Is Just the Beginning: For True Strength, Here's How to Load Your Triceps

Weightlifting basics are not a secret, and loading exercises speeds up your results. With that being the case, here are six of the most effective exercises for your triceps.

With these triceps exercises, women finally get strong, gain muscle and burn fat.

The Finest Exercises for Triceps

1. Close grip bench press

Starting with this triceps-focused bench press variant is a great way to get your triceps firing.

The fact that this technique is executed on a bench press gives it more oomph. There is no limit to how many times you may use this technique.

The barbell is an excellent place to start (or a lesser fixed barbell if 45 pounds/20 kilograms is too heavy). You should, on the other hand, strive to reach the bench.

Despite the fact that the bench press is classified as a "chest exercise," you're correct. In contrast, using a close grip puts more of the weight on your triceps than when holding the bar in a wide grasp. This means that you have an exercise that you can continue to use for long-term triceps growth.

2. Skull crusher

This is a variation on the triceps extension known as the "skull crusher."

These can be performed either lying down on a bench or standing. Better isolation and, in some cases, more rapid results are possible with the bench version.

3. Triceps dips

Make these even more difficult by adding extra weight for additional gains.

Depending on your skill level, you'll have several options for loading. See below for a quick summary of each tier:

To begin, simply dip your knees and feet into the water while seated on a bench.

With your legs stretched and your weight balanced on your heels, perform this technique in order to progress it to the next level:

A weight plate on your lap is an excellent way to take this exercise to the next level.

Lastly, you may go pro by placing your feet on a second bench and alternating between the two. For even more gains, place a weight plate on your lap.

4. Triceps rope pulldown

One of the best triceps exercises that can be loaded is next on the list, so keep going.

Pulldowns of the triceps with a rope attachment are performed on an adjustable cable station.

Just pull down on the rope ends, as illustrated in the video below.

5. Dumbbell shoulder press

It is technically a shoulder workout, but it should be noted that the dumbbell shoulder press can and should be performed as a triceps exercise.

6. Single arm tricep pulldown

Finally, we have a triceps exercise to complete at the cable television station. As you grab the wire and slowly lower the weight, keep your body in a straight line and maintain control.

Another advantage is that it is simple to reload.


To get the most out of any exercise, it's critical to complete a sufficient number of quality reps. This implies a smooth and regulated movement of the weight throughout the range of motion.

To achieve the greatest efficiency in your gains, make sure you add enough weight to the workout. You should be unable to complete the final two reps of a 10-rep set as a general rule. It's time to step up the weight if you can easily complete 10 sets.

As a last reminder, increase weight, not repetitions, for the most rapid results.