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Tone, Tighten & Toughen Up Your Arms With These Upper-Body Workouts

When it comes to our upper bodies, women have a wide range of goals.

Whether you're at the gym or not, you may feel like everyone around you has sculpted arms. Plus, if you're anything like me, you turn to former First Lady Michelle Obama for motivation, only to discover that arm envy runs even deeper than you thought.

Some of us want ripped upper arms and shoulders, while others lust after IG-worthy biceps. It's also possible that some of us just want to rock our favorite halter top, asymmetrical, cut-out or shoulder-length dress and feel sexy in it. So there's no way around it: we must all put in some work!

So, is there a way for you to have the body you've always wanted, if you're not born with it? We've got you covered. To tone up your arms, you don't even need a gym membership.

The following are #YouTube workouts with toned arms that you can easy do at home, or even on the road. Work along with these videos as the masters show you how they do it. Now, go get the body of your dreams!

Black Girl Slim

Koboko Fitness

Jungle Barbie

Abiola Abrams