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If Your Arms Aren't Improving, Try These Tweaks To Jumpstart Your Gains

If you're working out and eating well, but your arms aren't growing, here is some amazing advice.

We've all experienced the frustration of putting in the time and effort to get our arms to develop, but not seeing the results we've worked so hard for. Check out these 10 tweaks to help you turn everything around.

Don’t Train Biceps with Back or Triceps with Chest

For every additional pound of weight you can lift, there is a greater requirement for adaptation (more growth). Your arm muscles will be sore from all the bench-pressing, rows, pulls and pushes if you train your biceps or triceps right after a back workout or chest workout. Change your schedule to include an "arms day."

Superset Opposing Muscle Groups

Triceps extensions follow a hard set of biceps curls to maximize recruitment of the triceps. After a short break, you can return to the curls and work on recruiting more biceps muscle. Recruiting more muscle fibers means that you can lift more weight and cause more damage, which leads to greater muscular and strength growth.

Maximize Chin-Ups

People tend to shy away from chin-ups or odd kipping exercises that need them to swing their entire body around since it takes so much work to do them correctly. Persevere, would be our advice to you. Even if your arms have never been a strong area for you, keep going with chin-ups your arms will definitely get larger and stronger.

Pay Attention to Your Body and Form

Your muscles will increase in proportion to your ability to support a greater amount of weight. In addition to the biceps, doing a strong bicep curl can cause exhaustion in the surrounding muscles, including the forearms. Make sure to include lower back and glute exercises in your training routine on other days so that you may stand straight and powerful without feeling exhausted or slumped over..

Rest within Sets

Taking a few short breaks during your workout will help you recover from an oxygen deficit and allow your muscles to remove waste products. Using this technique, you'll be able to lift heavier objects (as you can rest a little in the middle of the set to recover). Short pauses will aid in the recruitment of motor units with high thresholds (15 seconds or less).

Engage Your Traps

There may be a problem with the upper arm's neurological and vascular supply if the joints are misplaced. Your exercises and growth will be hampered if the signals and blood flow are hindered or cannot travel optimally. Make sure your trapezius and deltoids development is equal to your arm mass.

Experiment with Set Reps

For weeks, if not years, most people's muscular growth stagnates because they only do three sets of eight to twelve repetitions per set. Muscle growth requires the stimulation of as many muscle fibers as possible, which can only be accomplished by doing a variety of rep ranges. Low reps cause muscle injury, which in turn stimulates new muscle growth for substrate storage.

Train Your Brachialis

Your biceps will be pushed away from your midline by a well-developed brachialis, giving you a bigger look, a peaked bicep, and that split between your biceps and triceps. When you begin working this muscle, your arm size will soar. Pronated grip (overhand or reverse grip) or Zottman curls at the beginning of your workout are the greatest ways to hit it.

Focus Most On Triceps

Why? Because the triceps comprise 66% of your upper arm muscle. Bigger triceps equal bigger arms because the biceps only account for 33% of the total.

Double the Work

Instead of completing the traditional "back and bis" and "chest and tris" workouts only once a week, try doing two sessions a week to hit the bicep and triceps twice as hard. For each session, use a different set of reps. 6-8 repetitions on Monday are a good example. 15 to 20 reps on Thursday

The Ultimate Key

The thing which impacts stalled arm growth the most is years is reducing your overall weight and placing greater emphasis on maintaining tension in your muscles. This is the key to reviving your muscle gains. With your arm training, make sure to really use the muscles and not just move a weight from point A to point B.