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Booty Breakouts Are Real - Butt Here's How To Smooth Your Situation Over

Acne on your face is the most bothersome, but breakouts elsewhere on your body can also be a downer.

Ever put on a swimsuit and notice you have butt pimples?

Red or pus-filled lumps on your behind are technically not "acne," like on your face. Butt acne is usually folliculitis, a moderate hair follicle infection that causes bumps and “pimples,” says Joshua Zeichner, MD, of Mount Sinai in New York City.

Now that you know the bumps on your other cheeks are definitely buttne, it's time to get your booty together. Keep reading for derm-approved ideas on how to make your peach baby-soft.

Why does butt acne occur in the first place?

Clogged hair follicles and a bacterial infection create buttne. Most of the time, obstructed follicles cause booty bumps, says Gary Goldenberg, MD, of Mount Sinai Hospital's Icahn School of Medicine. Here are several butt bump causes.

Here are several major causes of butt bumps:

Heads up: These might be anything from nasty to "say what now?" But remember, when you know better, your booty can do better -- much better.

1. Hormones:

According to board-certified dermatologists, butt acne is hormonal. Hormones can play a crucial role in the overgrowth of bacteria that can cause irritated hair follicles (folliculitis). Menstrual hormones can make follicular linings sticky, leading to clogged pores and pimples. Androgens can achieve this.

2. Not changing after a workout:

Sweat can dry over pores, trapping dirt and leaving pimples. After your workout, change and shower. If you don't have time for a shower, use Degree Deodorant Wipes to remove bacteria and perspiration.

Friction or inflammation can induce folliculitis. The strain from sitting can make matters worse. "If your profession needs a lot of sitting, stand up more often," suggests dermatologist Mona Gohara, MD.

3. Daily underwear changes:

Dirt, sweat, and oil in old underwear can cause acne. Always wear fresh undies.

4. Skinny jeans and leggings:

These can also cause butt acne. Tight-fitting garments generate friction and trap sweat and oil, blocking hair follicles.

5. Summer swimsuits:

They can increase butt acne? Well, what's tight, moist, and like underwear? RIGHT. Wetsuits can definitely cause butt acne. Immediately change into dry clothes (or a swimsuit) whenever possible.

Best Ways to Reverse Buttne - Fast

1. Shower after exercise

Dr. Zeichner recommends showering after an exercise to remove sweat, oil, and filth.

2. Use antibacterial soap

CLn body wash, invented by a doctor, contains sodium hypochlorite to destroy microorganisms.

3. Try benzoyl peroxide soap

Benzoyl peroxide body wash can help your booty. The antibacterial component treats acne and folliculitis. Dr. Zeichner advises applying a product, singing the alphabet, and then rinsing it off. Note: Benzoyl peroxide can bleach colors, so use white towels!

4. Prevent and cure by moisturizing everyday

Miami Beach Bum targets butt acne. Ayssa Di Pietro developed butt acne from living in a wetsuit and resorted to plant-based remedies to repair her skin's barrier and flora. This lotion uses aloe to repair your skin's acid mantle and oregano to fight bacteria and balance your skin's ecology. Di Pietro told WH she uses it daily after showering to keep her back and cheeks smooth.

5. Use glycolic or azelaic acid on dark spots

Glycolic acid helps skin shed dead cells and excess oil that clog pores, while azelaic acid kills acne-causing bacteria. "Both brighten dark patches after acne or folliculitis," explains Dr. Zeichner.

Ask your doctor for 15-20% azelaic acid or buy some over-the-counter.

6. Shave properly

Some shave their buttocks. Dr. Gohara advises shaving with the hair's grain. Use shaving cream and lubrication to prevent irritation.

7. Consult a dermatologist

If home remedies don't work, consult a pro. In severe situations, your dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics.