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‘Just Do It’: Salon Owner, Nike Pair to Help Black Women Keep Bodies & Natural Hair Strong

The threat of sweat-induced shrinkage can send shivers down even the most dedicated sistahs spine when on a strict wash day schedule.

After all, the hours of dedication and patience required to care for our crowns can be a workout in and of itself.

As a result, many Black women believe they must choose between exercising and maintaining 'good hair.' When misconceptions about afro hair care abound and viable options do not, it's easy to put your hair first.

Ignoring one's physical health has serious consequences, though, and the pandemic has made us more aware of the link between exercise and mental clarity. Nike x Charlotte Mensah's workshop on sustainable exercise couldn't have come at a better time.

Charlotte Mensah's live curl interactive workshop taught Black women how to manage their hair after exercise.The much-anticipated event drew women from around the world, proving Mensah's work has a global reach.

Mensah collaborated with Nike after hearing women struggle to keep their kinks and coils after working out.

"I've heard anecdotally in my salon or through my own experience about the link between exercise and curly hair," she says. "I remember almost all black girls refusing PE. My daughter became image-conscious in school and resisted PE."

Nike Coach Manni Ovola led a beginner-friendly run around Kings Cross to start the event. After releasing endorphins, the women were invited back for weight training.

The curl expert's masterclass ended the day. Mensah gave advice and demonstrated protective hairstyles for women on the go. The session aimed to teach women new techniques and boost their confidence so they could embrace their natural hair.

Women were given a safe space to discuss their hair care struggles during the interactive session. Mensah showed the women that having afro or textured hair isn't 'difficult' to manage; it just requires a little extra attention, which isn't a bad thing.

Charlotte Mensah transformed natural hair care. Her salon evokes childhood memories of your aunt braiding your hair. It's a place where women can celebrate and care for their hair, not have it 'fixed' or 'corrected.

Mensah is a boss babe with a contagious smile. She's a mother of two, a successful businesswoman, an internationally acclaimed hairstylist, and a philanthropist, and she does it all with a smile. When asked how she balances everything, she says "Just Do It."