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Black women are PHENOMENAL, and they have the most beautiful shapes, forms, and colors. We honor them through PhenomenalMag.com, a.k.a. IAmPMAG — I am Phenomenal, Magnificent and Gorgeous — which features the wonderful fashion, beauty and lifestyles of the most glorious of God’s creations.


But there is another phenomenal side to this woman: Warrior. She is battle-tested, super-healthy, muscular, lean, powerful, fit, speedy and cardio-strong — a weightlifter, powerlifter, bodybuilder, phenomenally healthy-living, healthy-eating, and spiritual — a real-life wonder woman!


This is what we highlight, praise, and proudly teach through PGainz.com (PhenomenalGainz.com). PGainz shines the spotlight on our PMAG-proud Black women and gives life to those who wish to be their very best selves. Gloriously showcasing the "Gainz" made in the gym, exploring workouts, and reveling in the "Champions of the Losses,” we celebrate women who have conquered through sacrifice and won, those still in the thick of the battle, and most importantly, those who are just beginning the journey.


PGainz.com is the ultimate fitness site for Black women and champions their healthy and winning lifestyles.


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